• Mikhail Novikov
    Mikhail Novikov
    Course QA/AT
    I already had some basic knowledge of IT when I started the course. So, while the first part of the course turned out to be simple, things got steadily more complicated. I had to spend a lot of time at the computer, doing homework and learning a lot of new information. But it was worth the effort, because after my training I was invited to work as a tester at a large IT company!
  • Violetta Kuzmenko
    Violetta Kuzmenko
    Course QA/AT
    I came to DevEducation as a newcomer to IT. I gained a lot of theoretical and practical QA skills which I can easily apply to my current work. DevEducation not only gives you experience, but also the opportunity to realize your potential. This enables you to become a professional and reach greater heights. Don’t be afraid to start something new — try it and you won’t regret it
  • Nadezhda Ivanova
    Nadezhda Ivanova
    Course QA/AT
    I value DevEducation for providing the opportunity to work in a team. As part of our training, we took part in hackathons where we had to split up into teams, negotiate, and find compromises. Communication skills are vital in IT. And these kinds of exercises strengthen and prepare you for future work. Believe in yourself and work on your skills, and DevEducation will give you the rest!
  • Danil Osipov
    Danil Osipov
    Course QA/AT
    I came to DevEducation because I wanted to understand what testing is and how it works. The college not only introduced me to this new and interesting field, but it also made it possible for me to get a job at an IT company. I advise newcomers not to be afraid of changing the specifics of their work and to continue moving towards their goals. Learn new things and face your difficulties head-on!

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